Legend has it, that during his studies in Milan, Italy, one of our founders had the pleasure of meeting an elegant Italian gentleman, descending from an old aristocratic family. His fashion sense and style were impeccable; bespoke double-breasted suits, fine hand-made Italian leather shoes, always combined with colourful silk knot cufflinks. His name was Antonio Franetti. Not only did Mr. Franetti become the name sake of our brand, he also perfectly embodies what franetti official stands for - timeless elegance with a modern twist. His choice of silk cufflinks was also the inspiration for our very first bracelet collection, the 'Why knot'-Knotbracelets which have since proven to be very popular among women and men alike. 


Of course the inspiration did not stop there and our 'Why knot'-Collection was not supposed to grow up as an only child, which is why we developed our second franetti collection - the 'Anchor-une-fois'-Anchorbracelets. The design and materials were very much influenced by the sea and sailing. The anchor, as a symbol of hope and belonging combined with durable sailing ropes makes for a perfect companion for any adventure - on land and at sea. The anchor with all it stands for also represents the charitable side of the 'Anchor-une-fois'-Collection. We are very happy to be able to give a part of the proceeds to the Yaowawit School Kapong, a government approved, charitable institution for the poorest children in the South of Thailand. If you want to find out more about this awesome project, feel free to head over to Charity or the Yaowawit Website.


Why bracelets though? Thought to be common knowledge amongst the female population of this world, this little serendipity has only recently come to the attention of their male counterparts: Bracelets are sexy! - A unique way of complementing your casual wardrobe or last resort to bestow subtle personality upon the all too button-down business attire - the wrist is the perfect place for fashionable accessories. Modern gentlewomen and gentlemen alike can let their inner fashionista/fashionisto run free. Also they should immediately head over to our Shop and check out our new collections or get inspired by browsing through the carefully curated Lookbook.